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“For years, I thought that my smile was destined to look like it did. I did see a couple of different dentists to see what could be done, but got nowhere. Then I saw Dr. Glor. He was so gentle and thorough and most of all he had options. Now I can’t stop smiling!!! Thanks Dr. Glor and staff!!”

– SB, Wellington

“My teeth were dark, embarrassing and they hurt. I was afraid to smile, I used to smile all the time. When my husband asked why I seemed unhappy, I asked him what he meant. Then he said it. You don’t ever smile anymore. The last straw was when I saw a picture of myself. I had to do something.

susanDr. Glor and the staff were so understanding. We discussed some alternatives, and I chose the one that was right for me. It feels wonderful to smile and be happy again.

Thank you Dr. Glor, and my family thanks you too!”

– Susan (from Oberlin)

“It seems like I have had bad teeth all my life. I was a busy mom, and it just seemed easier to deal with my dental problems when I felt I had to.

As the kids grew, I wanted to get out and find a job or volunteer. I was excited; I even bought some new clothes. Then I had a terrible tooth ache. I also realized my mouth was a disaster area.

Dr. Glor quickly took care of the pain. Then we talked about my teeth. We talked about the choices I had. The appointments were so much easier than I could have imagined. His staff is great and made me feel at home. There is always a smiling face and a helping hand.

For the first time in a long time my teeth look and feel great. I can eat comfortably again! I love to eat!

By the way, I got the job and am volunteering on the side. ”

– Mary, Wellington

“My dental problems seemed insurmountable. I suppose I was like a lot of people and thought that dentures were the best answer. ‘At least I won’t have any more pain’ I kept saying. Somehow it seemed to make sense at the time.

I’ve known Betty all my life it seems. She is my best friend. She confided in me that she was going to get dentures. I thought it was a mistake but tried to be supportive. I watched as she got them and tried to use them. Betty had pain and sores. She had trouble eating. She never knew if they would shift or come out. Betty wanted to hide.

I did not want this to happen to me. I had to do something.

Dr. Glor and his staff couldn’t have been better. They made the appointments easy for me. They explained the choices I had and were respectful of my decisions.

I love my smile, and so does my family .”

– Judy, Wellington


“My daughter was getting married. I had not smiled for so long it seemed that I forgot how to smile. All I could think about were the
pictures – and having to smile. My daughter told me I would have to really smile and not do one of those strange “lips together” type of smile.

Even a friend and longtime coworker said I did not smile much. I was so embarrassed.bob2

After confiding in Dr. Glor, I knew he could help. It was easy, Dr. Glor knew exactly what to do.

The wedding was great and so were the pictures. My daughter was so happy.

I must admit it feels good to smile again!”

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